Fake art museum

Museum of False Art in Vledder, Drenthe

Since 1998, the former town hall of Vledder has been a unique meeting place for visitors who want to hear the story behind the many art forgeries. In addition, the museum offers two attractive collections of glass art, Drenthe paintings and three temporary exhibitions of North-Dutch artists.

Is it an original or a forgery?
Good forgers know exactly how to imitate old paint pigments and the works are also 'carefully' aged. In our museum of counterfeit art, expert tour guides explain the techniques used, the difference between copy and forgery and the entire gray area in between.

Contemporary Glass Art

Our unique glass art collection, on the other hand, is not faked, but attractive because of its beauty and variety. The collection focuses mainly on European glass art after 1945 with work from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. The glass art has its own exhibition space next to the Fake Art. In the shop you will find the glass objects and glass jewellery that are for sale.

Drenth Art

Our collection of genuine Drenthe art is located in the library and found its origin in the family of Henk Plenter. Works by famous painters from Drenthe can be seen here: Roessingh, Jannes de Vries, Jan Zondag, Reinhart Dozy and Eugène Charmon, Stengelin, Torie, Wiegers.


Here you can freely relax quietly between the Drenthe Art while enjoying a cup of coffee. For art lovers there is a large collection of art books, not only about Art forgeries, but also books about nationally and internationally famous artists. They can be read at a number of art tables. The table 'Een vorkje meeprikken' from Johan Timmers is also for sale.

Children's atelier or quest for Kids

For young people between 4 and 12 years old, the museum has a children's atelier on the 1st floor for creative kids. Here you can create your own artwork, while your (grand)parents take a look in the museum. Material is available. Afterwards you can take your own work of art home. If you don't want that, you can go on a quest throughout the museum, with a reward if you find a good solution.

Gift Shop

In our Gift Shop you can choose from a varied range of glass art. Are you looking for exclusive glass art or a souvenir from Vledder, glass jewellery, art books or cards, it's all there.


Three times a year there is a changing exhibition. The emphasis is on Northern Dutch art, usually supplemented with a lecture and/or workshop by the exhibiting artist.

Information for the disabled

The exhibition rooms, museum shop and library are on the ground floor and accessible for wheelchairs. The upper floor of the museum is only accessible by stairs. Here you will find offices and spaces for projects, special activities and the Children's Atelier.

Opening hours

April to October: Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 - 17:00 hours

November and December: Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 - 17:00 hours

The last tour starts at 15.30 at the latest, it takes about an hour,
after that there is still a lot to see in the museum.
Group appointments on days when the museum is closed are possible.

Rates and packages 2020

Prices per person, including audiotour:

Entrance Museums Vledder

€ 8,00

Childdren 4 t/m 12 yrs

€ 3,00

Groups (from 15 visitors)

€ 7,00

Pupils in class context + supervisors

€ 2,50

Audiotour and parking


For group visits it is not possible to pay individually!

 Museums Vledder
Brink 1
8381 BE Vledder
the Netherlands
Tel: 0031521383352

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